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Integra Desktop Search

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Date added: 14/10/2014

Integra Desktop search Download: Integra Desktop search is a powerful, portable and advanced text based desktop search solution for Microsoft Windows family of Operating systems. Download it and increase your searching needs.

Integra Desktop Search Download:

What is Integra Desktop Search?

The more information you have stored on your computers, the more time you spend on searching and less time you spend on being productive. Integra Desktop Search will become the key search engine tool in your daily activities to meet your ever increasing search needs. Start turning information into results.

Integra Search is easy to maintain and deploy designed to enable employees to instantaneously search files (MS-word, MS-excel… etc) using file names, file contents and meta data based on index it creates. As items are added, changed or removed from the computer, incremental indexing is performed in the back ground using idle system resources.

Key advantages of Integra Desktop Search (IDS):

Performance –oriented search experience: Integra Desktop Search is optimized to have the lowest memory foot print and computer resources usage.

User-friendly search experience: Integra Desktop Search offers the most user-friendly and powerful interface of the industry.

Technical support: A dedicated and flexible team is there to answer any of your questions in regards to Integra Desktop Search.

Integra Desktop Search key features:

  • Instantly find file types (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, office documents OpenOffice, PDF, DjVu, built-in OCR,  Microsoft Office Document Imaging,  web files HTML, XML, pictures, database files, archives etc..)
  • Improved indexing speed and capacity
  • Find full text indexing and documents on hard drives, removable media, internet sites, LAN and removable media
  • Automatically deploy to your network
  • Supports and search text based files across Russian, English languages.

Integra Desktop Search has three editions home, professional, and corporate:

Integra Desktop Search Home allows individuals to instantly search their files stored anywhere on their PC’s hard drive…etc. The application executes sub second searching of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, etc.
Integra Professional, a user-oriented text based search solution, is designed for professionals and small businesses who want to free up their time so they can focus on their clients. This powerful desktop search lets you instantly find everything that helps you do business – files, presentations and more. Integra supports Windows, BSD, Linux OS, comes with 3.33 MB, which is freeware and virus free

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