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IMVU is unique and wonderful way to connect with people around the globe, experience the 3D social networking world on your screen.

Have you ever experienced the 3D chat service to socialize with your friends around the world? If NO then here is IMVU for you to explore and experience the virtual world. Discover the new way to hang out with your friends online.

IMVU is a social networking site where people can register themselves; create their own 3D avatars to connect with millions of people around the world. It’s more of a 3D virtual world where people will have different experience all together.

Imvu is FREE software to be downloaded onto your system and very easy to use. IMVU has the world’s largest virtual goods catalog of more than 3 million items. One can actually shop for latest clothes, shoes, hairstyles and many accessories to customize your own avatar and make it look unique and attractive.

Other few things which will fascinate you are creating your space by picking up your own scene, setting up your own furniture and few accessories which will give you a chance to decorate your own 3D space where you enjoy the experience you always wanted.

Create your own 2D or 3D design, make fashion and sell them in the IMVU catalog and be popular amongst all the members by posting your creation on IMVU. If you have any suggestion to ad or improve the experience then you can post your ideas on IMVU website.

Here are few safety tips to be followed in-order to enhance your experience with IMVU:

  • Know a person well before adding them into your friends list.
  • Avoid passing your personal information.
  • Block people who you think are disturbing you.

Follow the above and have fun. All in all, IMVU is unique and wonderful way to connect with people around the globe.

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