HP LaserJet 5L

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HP LaserJet 5L Driver Download : Are you searching for Hp laserjet 5l driver download? Here there are listed some of the driver downloads for windows vista, windows xp, windows 7,windows 95, windows 98, windows 2003, windows 2008

HP LaserJet 5L Driver Download

Hp laserjet 4

HP LaserJet 5L Driver Download

hp LaserJet 5L pcl 5e driver For Xp

Hp laserjet 5l driver review:

Hp laserjet 5l driver can be stored on the device hard disk intentionally by the customers when using the stored jobs feature, the customers information present on the hard disk, either as temporary job files or user created jobs, this is referred as data to rest. The data can be saved by encryption or authentication such as a pin job. When the hard disk is removed from the system, the encrypted information present on the disk is not readable. The information present in the HP LaserJet 5L printing device hard disk can be deleted by customer before redeployment, end of lease return or disposal. HP LaserJet 5L is continually monitoring the security issues to ensure the customers that their product is as secure as possible. Its printing software is 2 different printer drivers with one installer. They are the “new host based” which provides speed and enhancement not possible in any other PCL driver. And the other is “Hp Font smart font management” which is provided to limited channels of distribution as a product of incentive. This HP LaserJet 5L font smart is not available in all languages or areas. Its print quality tab has new “Auto Mode” selections to pre-configure the driver to the user’s printing needs. Printing across a network is not supported with the Host Based driver, we must use the PCL driver. It is an in-expensive four-page-per-minute laser printer designed for small office and home environments which is used by small work groups or individuals. It has high printing quality of 600 dots per inch. It has the high document quality of 600 x 600 dot per inch resolution. HP LaserJet 5L driver allows faster and more efficient printing using the PC resources to process the data.

Hp laserjet 5l downloading and installation guide:

Before the installation process, download the suitable driver which are suitable for your operating system. And then follow these steps,
Be sure that you are connected to the internet.
Connect the cable to the computer and the product and wait until the operating system detects the hardware and automatically creates a new port and install the driver.
Try to print.

  • Make sure whether the printer is already installed and it is selected as set as default.
  • From the windows desk top, click start and then, click devices and printers or printers.
  • Click add a printer, if the printer is not listed.
  • Click “add a local printer”.
  • Make sure you are connected to internet. Click windows update and wait until the completion of the update process is completed.
  • From the manufacture menu select HP, from the list of printer select your product, and then click next.
  • Use the default name or type the printer name in the printer name field, click next and wait while the printer driver installs.
  • If prompted, select” do not share the printer”, and click next.
  • When the printer is successfully added, click “print a test page” or click” finish” to complete the installation and close the window.

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