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Handbrake Video Transcoder

Publisher: HandBrake
License: Free
Filesize: 13.24 MB
Date added: 10/12/2013
Downloads: 194 views

Handbrake Video Transcoder is a cross-platform and easy to use video encoding and ripping tool. Handbrake is arguably one of the best video transcoder available in the software market today. If your videos are a mixture of video formats and types, then this software is suited for you.

Handbrake Video Transcoder Download:

Handbrake Video Transcoder For Windows 7 32/64 BitDownload
Handbrake Video Transcoder For Windows 8 32/64 BitDownload

Features & Functions of Handbrake Video Transcoder:


  • The benefit of using Handbrake Video Transcoder lies in the fact that a majority of the settings are preset for you already. You just need to load the video file, choose the format you want to covert to and start the conversion process.
  • This video transcoding software works well in converting video files among all SD and HD videos. It also furnishes ready to use profiles for iPod, iPad, IPhone, Android and other devices making it fast in converting videos across all these platforms.
  • The video transcoder software is available and operates well on multiple platforms and operating systems including Windows and Mac OS. It does not strip out the copy protections which are included on a Blu-ray disc or DVD by movie studios.

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