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Greenbrowser Download

License: Free
Date added: 14/10/2014
Downloads: 434 views

Greenbrowser download: Get fastest, secure web browser, provides many tools, options, gives you best browsing experience ever had, available here for free download.

Greenbrowser Download For Windows :

In these growing internet days, everyone looks for fastest, multifunctional browser to surf on the internet for many purposes. Undoubtedly, Greenbrowser is such powerful browser, can do multiple activities quickly, and provides countless options to its users in the way achieve user personalization.
We should definitely talk about its functional support as it offers more flexibility with distinct tools. You are owner of Greenbrowser so you can customize the browser as you like. But at first, you should aware of what it offers you.

What Greenbrowser provides you?

What not, everything. Foremost consideration is Tab bar which displays opened web pages on browser, the icon of Tab bar tells you status of page like blank, finish, protect, mark and more. Next, Boss key comes into discussion, if you want others not to see your web pages, you can hide the browser quickly with just one click. You will be provided with Quick menu, another feature that contains options like edit, copy, paste, etc to personalize web page. It can be easily found in Greenbrowser.

What’s extra with Greenbrowser?

You can fill form, refresh, save, hide, search automatically in this browser. Other options include Mouse Gesture, drag, shortcut key, plug-in, collector, page manager, clean system, download manager, speed dial. You can watch videos on Top video player freely provided by Green browser.
In addition, you can see the URLs in link list dialog box; block unwanted ads with Ad Filter present on Greenbrowser. Everything you can customize using several options provided by Greenbrowser with friendly interface.

Greenbrowser is best and preferred web browser for you to surf on internet, do former browsing activities with high speed. It is one of fastest web browsers across the world come with 6.3.0822 version whose download & installation is very easy.

Internet Web browser Software Download Table

Software NameFile sizeWindowsMacLunix
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser18.5MBDownloadDownloadDownload
Google Chrome Web Browser20.7MBDownloadDownloadDownload
Internet Explorer Web Browser17.3MBDownloadNot Available Not Available
Opera Web Browser12.2MbDownloadDownloadDownload
Safari Web Browser38.5 MBDownloadDownloadDownload
Maxthon Web Browser28.3MBDownloadDownloadDownload
Yandex Web Browser4.9MBDownloadNot AvailableNot Available
BlackHawk Web Browser 27.3 MBDownloadDownloadDownload
QupZilla Web Browser 13.0MBDownloadNot AvailableDownload

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