Date added: 13/10/2014

GreedyTorrent Overview:

Greedy Torrent can be considered as one of the survival kits that are especially meant for all the leeches. The software is a freeware program that can make an easy boost of the ratio of the uploads that takes place with your bit torrent software.

GreedyTorrent Capabilities:

Greedy Torrent Support: Availing the freeware software you will be able to give you a kit with which you can survive from the online leeches. The kit will also enforce you to a minimum trading ratio of 1:1.

Greedy Torrent Capabilities: You will be provided a shield from getting banned by any websites for making upload of different files. The Greedy Torrent technology makes modification of all the conversations that takes place between the trackers and the client.

Greedy Torrent – Your Friend: While making modifications in the conversation will help you in suppressing of the size of files and thus makes the ratio in its proper form. Even it can put you in a position where you yourself can take the control of uploading each and every files.

Survival Kit: The freeware program makes the utilization of a technology that proves to be a survival kit and put you a shield against the online leeches.

GreedyTorrent Features:

  • Does not need configuration of the software once get installed.
  • Does not consist of any complicated options that may require during configuration.
  • The freeware makes an utilization of such a technology which does not uses any means of complicated technologies.
  • The freeware can be a best choice for the beginners.

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