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Granny in Paradise Game Download

Date added: 16/11/2012
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Granny in Paradise Download : The most funniest and exciting game “Granny in Paradise” available for free download here with clear game overview, Granny in Paradise Download and Installation Guide.

Granny in Paradise Game Download:

Granny in Paradise Game

Well, Granny in Paradise game really allures and turns you at fun side with many levels. Each level holds curiosity, sometimes weirdness but amazing it is. Granny is actually goes to paradise on a quest to rescue her favorite pets through 5 variety worlds. You will be guided and navigated for Run, dig, climb, swing, float and tumble with navigational keys while you are playing. Granny will fight with subordinates of bad Doctor Meow as part of rescuing her pets in different levels.

Granny in Paradise Game Play:

This game has an option called level editor where you can set game level as per your interest along with teleporters and moving platforms. You can view score in all-new online high score board at the right bottom of your screen.

You can download the free trial which allows you to play game for one hour. If you want this game to be available in your PC, buy this game, you can play at any time by storing. Purchase full version of “Granny in Paradise” at $2.99 which is worthy, really impresses you beyond your expectations.

This funny Granny in Paradise  game is easy to understand, runs fast, and definitely ensures more fun with fantasy. This is most delightful diversion for a family to play.

“Granny in Paradise” is well-designed game whose quality is outstanding, virus-free and contains no ads, no adware and no spyware and compatible with all browsers.

Granny in Paradise Game Basic system requirements: In order to have this game, your pc must have any Windows OS, 600MHz processor, 128MB RAM.

Granny in Paradise Game Download Guide:

To install full version of Granny in paradise, download as per your operating system by clicking on the appropriate link above. A window should then opens asking you where you want to save the Granny in Paradise setup file. Save the file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as desktop. Double click the Granny in Paradise; simply follow the on-page instructions corresponding to the file type that you downloaded

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