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Google Voice Plugin

Publisher: Google
License: Trial Version
Price: $0
Date added: 26/01/2013
Downloads: 1,470 views

Google Voice Plugin Download: download & install Google voice plug-in & add to your browser and get the advanced features like make a call with a single number, cheap calls and online voice mails.

Google Voice Plugin Download:

Google Voice Plugin

Google Voice Plugin allows you to increase the present capabilities of your phone
Google voice and sprint: if you are in hurry enable Google voice in your mobile phone without contains to find a new number.

Google Voice Plugin Overview:

Conference calls: using this Google Voice Plugin you can attend more conference calls.
Number porting: This is the latest feature to get all the features of Google voice exclusive of altering your mobile number
Inexpensive calls: you can make free messages, a call to your friends
Are you interested to know more features about Google voice plug-in? Just install this plug-in and get more features about this product.
Latest version of this plug-in is updated on 22/3/2012, supports English language.

Installation Procedure Of Google Voice Plugin:

Google voice plug-in for chrome installation is simple & fast.
 Click on “ADDED TO CHROME” button where Google vice plug-in is available
 It will display the “confirm new extension” message box with added features.
 Click on “add’ button.
 Google voice plug-in is added to chrome
 After installing t Google voice plug-in, click on that link to activate the plug-in.
Recommended: before installing Google voice plug-in, should install Google chrome into your pc.

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