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Google Farsi Translator

License: Trial version
Date added: 01/05/2012
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You are looking to download for  Google Farsi Translator? This Google Farsi Translator free download allows the user to translate t Persian text into English text.

Google Farsi Translator Download

Google Farsi Translator

Data TypeVersionFile SizeSupporting Operating SystemDownload Link
Google Farsi Translator1.0WindowsDownload
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If suppose any user wants to convert the text in Persian to an understandable language i.e. English then the software Google Farsi Translator can be used. In the website mentioned above, the software for Google Farsi is named as Farsi Before You Know It Lite of version 3.6.

Google Farsi Translator Key Features:

  • Conversion: By single click on Google Farsi Translator download of Google Farsi the user can translate the Persian related data into English data.
  • Translation: The user can paste the Persian content in the provided box and then click on the translate option present. The Persian content will be translated into English.
  • Usage: It can be used for Businesses, school or any personal use. The words that are to be translated and the translated ones can be easily learnt.
  • Fast Learning: Google Farsi Translator  enables the user to become perfect in the language. The perfectness in language comes from Before You Know It and by this phrase it is the fastest path for perfect learning.
  • No Viruses: Google Farsi Translator free from viruses and spyware as it has been tested by leading antivirus software’s. It website mentioned above and is proved to be 100% free from viruses and malwares.
  • Free: Google Farsi Translator  . This software Farsi Before You Know It Lite contains no crack or no serial number.

Google Farsi Translator Highlights:

  • Access: The Google Farsi accessed through both online website and also offline by.
  • Version: The latest version present in the market is 3.6.
  • Support: The users can mail any queries to their mail ID so that the queries will be answered and mailed in return.
  • Compatible: This scatter plot software is compatible with all kinds of Windows operating systems including Windows 7.
  • Processor: The installation of the scatter plot maker requires a processor size of 32 or 64 bits.
  • Tutorials: The user can also use the tutorials section to look how the software performs the tasks.

Google Farsi Translator Download and Installation steps:

  • To start with the installation
  • Then download the Google Farsi Translator from the link which is provided.
  • When the link is opened the user can find the download option of the Google Farsi Translator and has to click on it.
  • When the Google Farsi Translator download is done that will appear on the screen.
  •  Once the are accepted where click next whenever prompted.
  • At last find the option finish which indicates that the Google Farsi Translator has been successfully installed.

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