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Funshion Movie On Demand

License: Trial version
Date added: 11/10/2014
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Funshion movie on demand download:Are you looking for software for watching videos on demand including download, with Funshion Movie On Demand, user can download Movie On Demand.

Funshion Movie On Demand  Download

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DESCRIPTION: If you want to use the software for watching videos on demand and also downloading them then you are at the right place. Such software available in the market is Funshion Movie On Demand  software. This is a kind of the software where the users can watch all videos online on demand and also download them while watching. The version of the Funshion Movie On Demand has two user interfaces i.e. Fashion UI and Classic UI. Each of the user interfaces has different styles.

Funshion Movie On Demand  Key Features

  • Version: The latest version of the software present in the market is 2.3 which is launched in the year 2010.
  • Errors: The errors present in the audio stream process for a particular video will get fixed.
  • Crash: During the buffering of the video if the UI will get crashed then it will be fixed automatically.
  • Optimize: The Funshion player will get optimized so that the chance of the errors during buffering of the video will be reduced.
  • Decoder: The software comes with the universal decoder package along with Windows Media Player 10/Real Player 11.
  • Cost: The cost of the software will be free of cost i.e. the software can be downloaded from the websites for free of cost.
  • Size: The size of the software will be 4.45MB.

Funshion Movie On Demand  Highlights:

  • Compatibility: The software can be made compatible with all kinds of Windows OS i.e. XP/2003/Vista/Win7.
  • Browser: The software works best with the web browser IE 6.0 or higher.
  • RAM: For the best working of the software the minimum RAM that should be present is 512MB or more.
  • Hard Disk: The minimum hard disk space required for the installation for the software is about 1GB or more.
  • Video Memory: Funshion Movie On Demand  works best with the presence of video memory of about 64MB or more.
  • Frequency: The minimum frequency of the processor should be 1.8GHz and the CPU to be used is P4.
  • Video Decoder: The video decoder software have to be download separately for the best performance of the Funshion software.

Funshion Movie On Demand Installation Guide:

The user can view the installation guide for the installations steps if any doubts are occurred during the installation of the software.

  • First the programs that are currently running on the desktop or laptop have to be closed and then the corresponding link for software has to be opened.
  • Then the download Funshion Movie On Demand can be done by clicking on the download button present.
  • The user has to accept all terms and conditions once the installation of the software begins and also have to follow the steps.
  • Finally the user can finish the Funshion Movie On Demand installation of the software by clicking finish option when appeared on the screen Funshion Movie On Demand

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