Full Speed 3.6

Date added: 23/02/2010
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Download Full Speed is an internet booster from Versis, which will improve your internet surfing experience by doubling the speed of your existing Broadband connection and an optimized broadband performance.

Full Speed intenet accelerator even includes a free internet speed test. With Full Speed you get a faster performance for web browsin, data streaming, email, gaming and all sorts of file downloads. It is free of spyware, pop-ups, banners and all unwanted frills. What Full Speed actually does is, it actually fixes up the speed by setting up Windows to better match the current Broadband services. Internet Speed Up will optimize Windows and Browsers and give you faster and smoother performance with all activities such as downloading, Web Browsing, Remote Desktop sessions, Office Intranets, music, video streaming, VPNs, email, P2P and gaming. Most of the boost effects are permanent and last forever.

Version 3.6 is updated for Windows 7.

Full Speed Key Features:

  • Overall faster Internet connection speed
  • Faster web site browsing
  • Improved Internet and Intranet performance
  • Quicker download times and faster performance with email
  • Faster loading Web graphics and web pages
  • Improved VPN and WAN performance
  • Works with all ADSL/DSL modems and routers and wireless

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