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Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder Download

Date added: 03/12/2012
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Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder Download : Download Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder that is used to capture videos and audios of various applications and mostly to record sophisticated games.

Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder Download

Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder

Software NameFile size PriceDownload Link
Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder2.2MB$37Download

Why Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder?

Powerful Fraps captures the real time game visuals with a special graphic technology DirectX or OpenGL. It compresses the video while recording, without losing its originality and high definition image quality. You can take any screen shot from PC screen, Google talk, HDTV, Window Programs; You tube videos, Firefox, Messenger and many other running applications. This portable screen recorder gives awesome screen shots with natural appearance without any blur ness with reliable high speed performance.

Functions of Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder

It has mainly 3 functions:
Benchmark screen capture: It shows how many frames you are getting per second on your screen. You can take measure and save them for review.
Screen Capture: It uses to capture image by clicking only one default key shift+F8.
Real time video capture: Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder can capture audio and video up to 7680×4800 with frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second from streaming videos or running applications.

Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder Reviews:
Fraps Laptop screen recorder allows you to share your favourite game screen shots with your friends, relatives through email.
You can share any of your ideas, tricks, methods like program coding, crucial game levels or any new product apps connect and share your talent with this world by using Lap top screen recorder.

Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder System Requirements:

It is licensed product and supports all the advanced window operating systems
File Size: it occupies 2.2 MB for set up.

Experience the amazing fun games play with Fraps Laptop Screen Recorder!

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