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Elgato Video Capture

License: Trial version
Date added: 27/02/2011
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Elgato Video Capture Software Download: here you can Download Elgato video capture allows the Mac OS users to have the chance of capturing videos and save iTunes, iMovie and QuickTime playable formats in single click

Elgato Video Capture Software Over view

Mac OS Compatible video capture software for free download here. Elgato video capture Software allows the video capture from VCR other analog video source to record the video for Mac OS PCs.

There are different types of video capture software available for free download but most of them do not support Mac OS. Now Elgato video capture allows the Mac OS users to have the chance of capturing videos and save it in the suitable format. All the favorite videos from DVR, Camcorder and other analog devices can now be easily and quickly transferred as MPEG-4 or iTune-ready file to the PC’s with Mac OS. The video capture software supports very easy way of transferring the videos to play, edit and share.

Elgato Video Capture Software  Capabilities

Quick transfer, easy-to-use: excellent quality is what Elgato video capture software offers the Mac OS Users to convert the captured analog videos to iTunes-ready format. Within a simple and single-click the users can sync the videos with iPod, iPhone, Apple TV or post in the DailyMotion.

Memorable videos to iTunes: Video content transfers are the latest technology used widely everywhere Mac OS users can now acquire the powerful video capture software Elgato to transfer all the memorable videos of VHS to iTunes and upload in the DailyMotion to share with everyone.
Support of RCA and S-Video: If the user wants to instantly share a video from the DVD to DailyMotion or wants to load the movies and TV shows from DVR to iPod to carry for a long travel, Elgato video capture software is the ideal software which has the support of “RCA” and S-video outputs.
Choice of aspect ratio: Unlike other video capture software, there are 2 aspect ratios available in Elgato. As per the requirement, the user can select the aspect ratios either 16:9 or 4:3 to go with the source video.

Elgato Video Capture Software Key Features:

  • Transfer of analog source videos to Mac.
  • Single click transfer of videos to iTunes, iMovie and QuickTime
  • Quick upload in DailyMotion
  • Support of high quality H.264 and MPEG4 format

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