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Dropbox Download: PC, Laptop, Hand held, smartphone – irrespective of the device or the network you are in, files will always be with you.

Dropbox Download


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Dropbox application 3.0Downloading Dropbox
Dropbox is basically a free web application that allows users to access their personal photos, confidential documents, and necessary videos almost from anywhere in the world. The excellent features of Dropbox let people start working on the office computer, and finish on their home PC, or even on the phone while travelling. With the advantages of Dropbox download and installation, the hassle of e-mailing important documents to one’s own e-mail account in order to use those on other computers has completely gone, and the task of sharing files with others has become super easy. Dropbox provides us with the facility to keep our valuable photos, videos, and documents safe even when there is something unexpected such as a computer crash. Once you are done with your Dropbox download, you need to install it on your computer. It will create a Dropbox folder that is capable of saving all the files saved by you on that particular computer to all your other computers, phones and even the Dropbox website automatically.

Why Dropbox download is a must for you:

Dropbox download is undoubtedly a must for every student, professional, techie and all others who have to use computers for different purposes. It brings everything you need to you almost from anywhere. Sharing files was never so easy before the arrival of Dropbox. Just invite the person you wish to share a file with to any folder in your Dropbox and you are done. Downloading Dropbox is always a great decision as it ensures the security of your stuff even when your computer has a meltdown. It also has an amazing feature that allows people to undo their mistakes such as undelete the accidentally deleted files. The service is absolutely free for Windows, Mac, Linux, and several mobile devices. Millions of people rely on Dropbox to help them in a vast range of tasks.

Dropbox download and installation procedures:

Downloading Dropbox can simplify your life truly. When you go to the official webpage of Dropbox and click on the download link, the Dropbox download starts automatically just within seconds. Once, the Dropbox application is downloaded fully, click the option ‘Save file’. This activity will save the .exe file on your computer. Now, double click the file from the ‘Downloads’ windows of your browser. It will show you step-by-step instructions to install the application on your computer. Just follow them and you are ready to go.

Dropbox Features and Pricing:

Dropbox offers a very fast and secure service. It synchronizes all files within minutes and uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and AES-256 encryption to secure them fully. As your Dropbox download is done, you get a free account with 2GB of space. It also offers two different ‘Pro’ plans with free spaces of 50GB and 100GB respectively. ‘Dropbox for Teams’ is another attractive feature of this application that let users collaborate and share documents with their teammates without sending them even a single file. Dropbox download is also available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. Now take your Dropbox files with you at any time.

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