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Oxford English dictionary download

Date added: 11/10/2014
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Is your thesaurus application in your system not very accommodating and you are looking out for an alternative? This page serves you with the best purpose. You can download here the 21st century based American English Oxford Dictionary that is created in an exact way that the beginner or student looking for.

Data TypeVersionFile SizeSupporting Operating SystemDownload Link
Oxford English dictionary download 4.025.6 MbWindowsDownload Here

Oxford English dictionary Product Capabilities:

Using Oxford Dictionary improves the level of knowledge and understanding definitely as the dictionary is compiled with the best standard of definitions for the words that are very comprehensible for the users to understand easily.

The Oxford English dictionary dictionary includes nearly 40,000 words and every word is defined very clearly accompanied by necessary explanation and illustration. The Words are also well-explained with reference to the language that we communicate in school, business and our daily routine life.

Oxford Dictionary is based on the massive 200 million words of American English and all the words are precisely described on how the people use these words. It has an organized format to assist the users to locate the meaning for the words enabling them to use the English in an effective manner.

The user just with a click of a button can transform the dictionary to a sharp and quick Thesaurus and can develop the vocabulary. The dictionary also has an audio support for all the words in both British and American English. The user can also record their pronunciation and make a comparison with the recorded ones.

Quick Find and Super Write is the two mini pop-up versions that offer an automatic look up for the words automatically when the user is working on-screen.

Oxford English dictionary Key Features:

  • User friendly application with massive number of words.
  • Words supported with sufficient examples for clear understanding.
  • Improves the pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • Hundreds of online exercises and practice exams.

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