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Die Sims 3

Publisher: Thesims
License: Trial version
Price: $0
Date added: 14/10/2014
Downloads: 465 views

Die Sims 3 Download: Each one of us have this craving to rule the world or to be able to make people do what we want them to do. In short all of us want to control the lives of others. It gives immense pleasure to run others live and see them react to the situations we create for them or the solutions.

Die Sims 3 Download:

The Die Sims 3 is a game in which you pick up a character called Sim or you can also choose an entire Sim family according to your wishes. When you pick up a character, you can dress it according to your wishes. To help you in this task, several tools and physical customization options which include a wide range of dressing options and also hair styles with a large assortment of color combination to choose from.

Die Sims 3 Overview:

Your character live like humans in a colony and have regular human needs like using the bathroom, eating, playing, socializing, fighting etc. The most amazing change which differentiates this Sim from its predecessors is the freedom to move in the virtual town without having a disjointed feeling as was the case in the earlier version of the game. Sims can go to the gym, or to the library, all the player has to do is to zoom out the city map, select your destination and your Sim travels automatically using the means of transport. Biking, driving walking in the neighborhoods has become extremely easy and there is no need of loading times to break things up.

Die Sims 3 Functionality:

The Die Sims 3 live like real people with aged ones dying and new born coming making you feel that the world is changing. They can be party animals, childish, flirts, arrogant etc. the players can make them fall into various situations which give birth to hilarious situations like try to jump in the arms of your lover and he may not catch you, or kiss another man in front of your husband and see for yourself the fights and slaps that come out of it. The Sims can also garden, maintain homes, make friends read a cookbook and try new recipes etc. The Sims talk in a sweet tone in some gibberish language called Simlish and what they are talking becomes clear through the bubbles that appear over their heads to show what exactly they are talking. They work for simoleans (money) and have to work like humans to earn a paycheck.

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