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Dell Service Tag Finder: Here you can find the relevant links to get into the Dell Support using the Dell Service Tag and Dell Service Tag lookup to understand about the Service tag and how to lookup the service tag in the peripheral.

What is a Dell Service Tag?

All Dell PCs, laptops, notebooks and other peripherals has a unique 5 or 7 alpha numeric code called as Dell Service tag that is used for the identification and it is quite similar to a serial number of the product.
How to lookup Dell Service Tag? The serial tag is found on the bar code label that is affixed on the back side or bottom of the PCs/Peripherals.
More about service tag… These service tags have the complete information of the product including the warranty which helps the Dell Customer support staff to easily identify the peripheral. The users of Dell peripherals requiring a service support from Dell can enter the service tag and acquire the needed solution.

How to lookup Dell Service Tag?

Similarly, there is another identity code called as Express Service Code which is the mathematical conversion of the service tag. The customer for any support can use a touch-tone telephone and enter this code to the automatic routing system. As the calls using the Express Service Code are directed to the correct service file, the customer can avail lot of benefits such as direct transfer of call, Eliminates misdiagnosis, and No selection of complicated telephone menus

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