Condusiv Undelete

Publisher: Condusiv Technologies Intl
License: Trial Version
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Date added: 14/10/2014
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Condusiv Undelete Download: this page offers you finest file recovery software undelete software “Condusiv Undelete ” at endeavor level. Download it and recover your deleted important data.

Condusiv Undelete Download

Condusiv Undelete

Why Condusive Undelete Software?
You have deleted files by mistake, one day you want those files? These include financial or business data – you may regret deleting them thoroughly. With Condusiv Undelete, you can recover deleted files quickly and freely. It allows you to scan your drives for the files or folders. Condusiv Undelete has the ability to scan all devices in a local machine and build a directory tree of lost and deleted files. You can search lost and deleted files matching file name, file size or file date criteria. Condusiv Undelete supports RAID recovery including Stripe Sets and Mirrored Drives. It supports only 16/32-bit FAT & NTFS file systems.

Condusiv Undelete Software Comes With Three Packages:

• Condusiv 10 Desktop Client (freeware -80MB file size)
• Condusiv 10 Professional ($ 59.95)
• Condusiv 10 Server ($499.95- 350MB file size)
Key Features of Condusiv Undelete:
 Recovers the Microsoft Office applications, command lines, recycle bin.
 Recovers the applications at enterprise level
 Remote recovery (many systems connected to a remote server)
 Protects the data, network files in real-tim

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