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Date added: 25/01/2011
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Cambridge Dictionary of American English is a great product for English speakers offers what most of the well known dictionaries dont. It is a must try.

Cambridge Dictionary of American English 8.0 is compiled to offer what learners need most in a dictionary as it provides definitions for about 40,000 words. It is very important that the dictionary offers a clear meaning of the word that its user is looking for with words ranging from complicated to simple. With English being the most common language in the world, now the learners of English as a second language can have the tools they need to find out what a word means.

Cambridge Dictionary very vital that there is easy access in terms of the ability to find what the user is looking for quickly and easily. The best part about Cambridge dictionary is that it offers appropriate definitions with explanations which can be easily understood with the help of plenty of examples. This dictionary offers what most of the other dictionaries dont, as it shows how the sentences taken from day to day speech and writing can be used with current vocabulary of words and phrases that are used in school, business, technology, arts and everyday life. It is easy and free to download.

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is a great product for people who are not native English speakers. The Audio Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary provides definitions for about 170000 words, phrases and examples and is compiled to offer what learners can use with full buoyancy.

Cambridge dictionaries are written using the Cambridge International Corpus, a huge collection of written and spoken languages from around the world.

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