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Cam Screen Recorder

Publisher: CamStudio
License: Trial Version
Price: $0
Date added: 31/01/2013
Downloads: 539 views

Cam Screen Recorder download: Cam Screen Recorder helps to record your precious webcam chat moments, capture  your cam screen with single click effectively.

Cam Screen Recorder Download:

Cam Screen Recorder

Cam Screen Recorder is efficient in capturing web cam videos while you are on chat. After record, you can save the recorded videos at a specified location where you will be easily able to find in future. With this recorder tool, you can view videos in full screen mode.

Cam Screen Recorder Overview:

This Cam Screen Recorder captures all  video plus audio with help of embedded audio codec. You can personalize the output video with various settings, options available in this interface. Some users wants mouse pointer also to be recorded. This is facilitated by Cam on  screen recorder.

Cam Recorder provides shortcut keys for easy record purpose which can be repeatedly used for performing repetitive tasks. You are allowed to cancel complete recording if any moment is missed along with video compression features in this on recorder.

Cam Screen Recorder is Used by:

  • Various webcam provider companies will use this recorder to offer user a tutorial regards how to use a webcam.
  • Users will dig various settings, options available within webcam and uploads videos into you tube or in personal computers.
  • You can record cam screen to point out problem that acts as proof of the technical problem thereby you will get clear technical assistance.
  • Many laptops, desktop provider companies like HP, DELL, Acer, Compaq uses this recorder to illustrate user about new product features & specifications.

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