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BullGuard Mobile Security 10

Date added: 16/10/2014
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The BullGuard mobile security 10 offers power packed protection  filled security for your mobile phones packed with parental control, firewall and spam filter along with regular features

BullGuard Mobile Security 10 Overview:

Mobile security has probably become a serious matter of concern for today’s mobile users.Mobile devices have constantly being upgraded with latest software and utilities, these calls for increased protection and security. BullGuard has come out with BullGuard mobile security 10 a truly dynamic security solution. BullGuard Mobile Security protects your phone from an extensive set of viruses and malwares. You can track and protect your personal details even if your phone is damaged or stolen. It supports all windows platforms  such as Windows xp,Windows vista.

BullGuard Mobile Security 10  Capabilities:

Anti-virus and Anti Spyware: BullGuard native anti-virus engine protects your phone data by real time detection and removal of viruses and spyware. The Engine can be delivered through multi mode like direct download, SMS, MMS, e-mail, Bluetooth and Infrared.

Anti Theft: Locks your device to prevent unauthorized access to your contacts and data, tracks down your phone with the use of its integrated GPS tracking function and allows you to check on your current and previous locations

Parental Control: probably the most unique feature of BullGuard is the parental lock feature. Here the parent can have complete control over their children phone including photos and messages

Firewall Protection: A comprehensive firewall protects the mobile user from hackers and network attacks keeping it safe even in a public environment

BullGuard Mobile Security 10 Key Features:

  • Antivirus and Anti Spyware
  • Anti Theft features
  • Complete Parental Control
  • Firewall support
  • Spam Filter to keep device clean and block unwanted calls and messages
  • Basic backup facility for contacts and calendar


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