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The binkw32.dll missing error arises while installing or playing games that use the Blink Video codec.This error,in most cases, occurs if a cracked version is installed, if it is downloaded illegally or not installed from the original dvd’s or cd’s. These days, most of the modern games on Xbox or Playstation come with the robust Blink Video Codecs which is powerful,super-fast, delivers high quality videos and runs on every platform. Blink Video codecs consists of a .dll component called as the binkw32.dll which is used by the Windows Operating System to play a compressed movie and video files within the dynamic applications such as games.

How To Fix Binkw32.Dll Missing Error:

  1. Restart the program :If there is an existing temporary problem, then closing and reopening the program might help.
  2. Unistall and reinstall the program: Since the program comes with the video codec, reinstalling the program might get rid of the error.Restart the computer after the successful uninstallation.
  3. Download the .dll component from an authorized site.
  4. Update the software which is associated with the codec:If the game program hasn’t been updated over a period of time then updating the game software might help tackling this problem.
  5. Upgrade the video card:If the game is run on a secondary video card, upgrading the card with better memory and processing power can solve the problem
  6. Copy the .dll component from the game’s system directory to game’s root directory: At times there are few things that might go wrong during the installation.Manually copy the bink32w.dll file to the root directory.

Where To Download And Install Binkw32.Dll Files:

Downloading the bink32w.dll file from websites seems to be an easy-way out, but it is always better to rely on the original vendors of the software.It is not advisable to download such files from websites, as the authenticity of such websites can’t be guaranteed.
One should be aware of the following risks which comes with downloading files from unauthorized websites:
1)The software might not be virus-free, so high chances of the system getting infected by virus.
2)The software might be outdated.
3)The software might hack the system.
The authorized website offer genuine, updated software.These websites offer trial versions.Once the trial period comes to an end ,you are required to purchase the component.Its always recommended to purchase the software from the original vendor and reinstall the program.

Binkw32.Dll Download:


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