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Better JTV Download

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Date added: 16/05/2013
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Improve JTV experience with Better JTV with a simple download and enjoy multiple chat options and reduce the clutter and unnecessary options.

Better JTV Download

Add-On NameBrowser NameInstallation Link
Better JTV 1.2.5 Mozilla FirefoxDownload
Better JTVGoogle ChromeDownload
BetterJTV 1.1Other BrowsersDownload

Better JTV is a powerful add-on tool that can improve the overall experience of the Justin.TV users. It not only reduces the clutter and unnecessary options, it makes chat wider and shorter. The fascinating options that you get for your smiley icons should be seen to be believed.

Better JTV Chat Options

Better JTV helps you remember your chatting experience by making the chat interface wider and shorter. It enables time stamps in chat by default. One more exciting feature is that it fixes the “ModIcons” checkbox in chat options. Better JTV can even help you in removing the “pro” badges from chat.

Five new smiley options automatically get added with a download of Better JTV. The: O smiley gets fixed so that it does not get converted into emoticons thus avoiding embarrassment. The icons and smiley faces also get fixed so that they do not surface occasionally in the JTV chat. Better JTV has a better chat size with monkey smiley icons intact in the Twitch.TV option.

Better JTV History

Better JTV can help you retain your chat history even if the moderator tries to clear it. It changes the “Broadcaster” badge to the “Host” badge, thus giving you more control over your JTV activities. It even shows you links which you would otherwise not have access to due to chat rules.

Remover the Related Channel Tab

Better JTV removes the Related Channel Tab enabling a better user experience. It also shows you messages that were posted by outside users who were timed out.

Removes Profile Images

This software tool for JTV actually removes the Profile images from your social networking accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, thus helping you to maintain anonymity. It also by passes the “Are you over 18” and helps you get access to JTV even if you are just below 18.

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