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Batman Game

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Date added: 11/10/2014
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Batman Game Download: This is right place to download Batman DC Comics action adventure stealth video game with high quality graphics for PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows including Batman cheat codes.

Batman Game Overview

Batman action games was published by Eidos Interactive and was developed by Rocksteady Studios. It was distributed for PlayStation 3 and later it was developed for windows platform. The game is extremely popular because it has all the comic figures that you get in the actual DC comic books. Batman xbox 360 game is all about Joker and other Batman super villain’s who are incarcerated in the Arkham Asylum formulates a plot against Batman. Here Joker assembles a team of his own comprising of Bane like creatures that will threaten Gotham City. This Batman games for kids unleashes the full potential of Batman’s combat abilities and stealth abilities along with his detective skills. Batman also shows the amount of futuristic arsenal’s he has to combat criminals.

Batman Game Play

Batman: Arkham Asylum has all what it takes to be an ultimate Batman game with whole lot action adventure along with rich graphics experience.
This online game is extremely popular and it has received positive feedback from game critics and it is right on top of the most popular game charts. Batman Games online  has also bagged Guinness World Record for the most critically acclaimed superhero game ever. The game is about to have its next edition in the form of Arkham City and this is expected to be much better than its previous version. To give the players 3D effects it has also launched 3D glasses which comes with the package.

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