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Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro

Publisher: Audiobooks
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Date added: 24/01/2013
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Download Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro 1.8 to slice/ cut your large audio books into smaller audio files in a comprehensible way, which is helpful to play small size files on your mobile players.

Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro Download:

Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro

Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro is professional Audio book Cutter that is used to cut large audio books into manageable small music files using its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Main intention of this audio cutter is slicing audio books however it also achieves splitting of long speeches including podcasts/LP records/ MP3 transcripts of tapes, etc into smaller files in MP3 format. With support of automatic silence Detection Algorithm, it simply and quickly cuts larger audio files without losing sound quality. It has number options like add files option to add audio files to audio book list, split file option to divide audio book large file, help option, exit, etc.
Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro is allows you to adjust audio track length at the time of audio cutting or audio splitting. Smaller size music file are easy to navigate than long audio books, so download this audio cutter and slice your large audio books into small ones.

What Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro Can Do?

Audio can be separated for various purposes some makes ring tones, some use it for background music, some make them songs, some uses for mixing, etc. To get what you want, you need professional & expert audio Cutter and that is no doubt this Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro. It possesses advanced features, tools shown on smartly designed interface which is easy to operate by both learners & professionals.
Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro allows does not put restriction on audio formats and accepts many audio formats including MA, AMR, WMV, 3GP, MP4, AVI, MPG, WAV, FLAC, WMV, MOV, OGG, even more. Not only audio, Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro also supports video formats from which, the tool extracts desired audio and using embedded encoders, decoders it makes a perfect audio without quality loss. Sometimes, video files might possess big size but this software allows any bigger files as input and performs any task automatically.
Once you start Audiobook MP3 Audio Cutter Pro Wizard, you will be having direct options to get input audio files of any format. Add them and click “cut”. One interesting thing is it allows batch cutting so that many number of audio files can be separated as per your guidance within no time. You will also have access to store them in your desired format.

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