Asus K50C

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Asus K50C Driver Download

Asus K50C Drivers Download Page: Here you can Download Asus K50C note book Drivers including audio and video drivers, chipset driver, graphic drivers, for windows and linux users.

ASUS K50C characterized by complex patterns of zigzags running through the entire panel cover LCD, Which not only looks stylish, and almost hypnotic, but also provides protection against scratches that may arise during everyday use.

Enjoy everyday use and long battery life

Technology ASUS SHE (Super Hybrid Engine) consists of applications Power4 Gear Hybrid and EPU energy conversion system (Energy Processing Unit). Power4 Gear Hybrid responsible for the allocation and use of energy by your preferences in relation to the specific tasks that they need to perform, while the EPU accurately detects the demand for energy, makes the necessary power adjustments. Laptop Connection ASUS notebook K50C with 6-cell battery, it is able to work to 4 hours without the need for power.

More comfortable with Asus K50C IceCool

K50C ASUS notebook Designed with a view to ensuring maximum comfort to holders of its mobile service, is equipped with a solution IceCool consisting of a deliberately designed and placed fans, whose task is to maintain the temperature of the support arms of the notebook at a level lower than the average human body temperature. Asus K50C IceCool guarantees a low temperature of the support arms in place even during prolonged use of the computer.

Key features of K50C D220 ASUS

  • Processor: Intel ® Celeron ™ D220
  • System OS: None
  • Processor clock speed: 1.20 GHz
  • Installed Memory RAM: 2048 MB
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 250 GB
  • 15.6” Screen size
  • GMA 4500M Graphics card

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