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Artav Antivirus 2013

Publisher: artav-antivirus
License: free
Filesize: 15.7 MB
Price: 0$
Date added: 09/07/2013
Downloads: 1,545 views

Artav Antivirus software is a high performance security solution that provides fast and efficient endpoint internet security while ensuring optimal performance experience for end user.

Artav Antivirus 2013 Download:

As it is a known fact that many of us are becoming highly dependent on the internet centric world; we are essentially living our lives online and carrying out our endless day to day tasks and interactions using internet and computers. Internet have certainly become a key part of our life whether be it communication or shopping or recreation or entertainment or work. And therefore it has become necessary for us to keep our computers and laptops safe and secure while working using Artav Antivirus.

What is Artav Antivirus 2013 ?

Artav Antivirus is a full featured reliable security program that successfully provides immediate protection to protect your computer and helps prevention against any type of malwares or viruses or Trojans or worms or spyware from the computer. The software tool is designed and engineered in a simple way that it will get updated automatically as soon as it detects any threat. Artav Antivirus software has got immense popularity yet still evolving to address protection against threats for your computer. Artav Antivirus software is available in a single language and is precisely compatible with almost all Windows machine operating systems including Windows 2007, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. However, it offers great features and full protection; unfortunately we are not comfortable in recommending this for Mac or Linux operating systems. The licensed version of the antivirus is available for free without any hidden costs in the form of downloadable file of size 1.13 MB named as ARTAV

What Does Artav Antivirus 2013 Do?

The Artav Antivirus software designed to protect against threats basically has three modules for scanning including Full System Scan, Custom Scan and Removable module. In Full system, the tool performs an in-depth thorough scan of the system requiring more time than usual. In Custom scan, user is allowed with a feature to scan particular files and folders of the computer system and operating memory. And the Removable shall allow you to scan the removable storage devices like USB’s or CD’s or hard disks. Apparently it has been discovered that, in order to install the updates of the software application, automatic updation is not possible and the user is required to quit and exit the application to install the updates. Apart from the protection against threats and blocking tools, Artav Antivirus also facilitates additional tools that are a Process Manager, an Ad or Pop-Up Blocker as well as Virtual keyboard.

What are the Artav Antivirus 2013 Benefits?

Artav is definitely a powerful antivirus tool that makes use of high speed threat detecting engine for the purpose of scanning large volumes of online information and websites in a short period of time and ensuring limited impact on performance on the end user’s computer machine. Aside from being available to download it for free, Artav antivirus also ensures ease of maintenance and usability for customers.
Particularly, home computer systems are the front line of the malware and online security battles owing to the tremendous gain in the number of hackers looking for exploiting vulnerabilities in websites and softwares and suspecting sensitive information of users. Indeed, selecting and installing the Artav Antivirus for your computer is an important decision speaking for itself.

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