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AOL Desktop Search

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Date added: 13/10/2014
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AOL Desktop Search Download- If you are searching for most recent desktop search, AOL is best in finding your docs, music, pictures, and email files easily and quickly using keywords.

AOL Desktop Search Download

Sort your files in computer with AOL Desktop search provides search results view but not accessing them. It permits only viewing results. This Desktop search is introduced by Copernic Technologies Inc added many advanced features to it and built as efficient search tool.

AOL team has made new changes to this desktop search tool and promoted it as GM version. The alterations made in the way to empower browsing speed there by increasing your browsing experience.

What is new in AOL Desktop Search?

The new GM is upgraded version upon considering reporting browser problems, undesirable search experiences of users. Earlier versions of AOL search are beta, but with it, above mentioned issues were raised. Due to that, a modern, latest AOL GM desktop search version has been designed with modern features.

AOL desktop search 9.7 software really gets you best search experience with fewer efforts unlike others. The unique features built-in with search GM 9.7 version offers faster search with no issues.

This version is compatible with Winows 8, quickly searches files as per given keywords, statements. This is very unique compared to standard windows search gives you faster view of files.

Basic system requirements to install AOL Desktop Search:

In order to have AOL Desktop 9.7 GM version, your PC must have Windows: XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8,  266 MHz Pentium-class processor or higher, 128MB RAM, 250MB free disk space,     Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher (including IE10 Beta), 28.8 Kbps or faster modem, or other Internet connection

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