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AFP2PDF Transform Server Download

License: Free
Filesize: 1.7 MB
Price: 0$
Date added: 14/06/2013
Downloads: 971 views

AFP2PDF Transform Server Download : Create PDF files from AFP forms, AFP2PDF Converter software is preferred and powerful to create editable, searchable PDF files from AFP forms, documents very quickly.

AFP2PDF Transform Server Download

Software NameSoftware VersionSoftware SizeDownload Link
AFP2PDF Transform Server DownloadVersion 1.021.7 MBDownload
PDF2AFP Transform Server DownloadVersion 3.001.3 MBDownload

AFP2PDF Transform Server Download

All you need to do is dropping AFP documents into input hot folder and converted into output folder. It is a server-based product with you can share input AFP folder, output PDF folder in a network with users.
With this converter, accurate Document conversion to PDF is done in 2 steps (drag drops, start conversion) and provides easy, effective access to both learners and professionals. You can convert entire file with full of AFP forms into PDF with batch conversion facility does not miss original text positions, layouts.

AFP2PDF Transform Server Features :

Input Hot Folder Supported Formats: IBM MO: DCA, AFP, IOCA and PTOCA
Output Folder: editable, protective & searchable PDF
Key Features:

  • Enhanced security applied with encryption, decryption, digital signatures, passwords
  • You can create hyperlinks, vector-based graphics with the help of font, color support
  • Output PDF can be shared, stored in pc, also can be copied to a network.
  • Quick conversion to PDF is only possible with this converter whose upgrade version 1.0.4, runs on any Os and occupy 1.72MB in system.

AFP2PDF Transform Server System Requirements:

Your PC must have Intel or AMD processor 1.7GHZ or better, 200MB free disk space, 1024×768 or higher resolution for Display Monitor to have AFP2PDF transform server.

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