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Adobe Shockwave Player is a powerful web based multimedia playback tool designed for view animations and entertainment created with Adobe Director.

The new feature added is Shockwave Remote that allows Shockwave and Flash content to be saved locally. Shockwave Remote can be used to pause, play, and restart content.  Shockwave Player 11.5 supports Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.

Adobe Shockwave Player allows integration of video, text, audio, and graphics for creating and viewing superior quality 3D games, online learning applications, business presentations, entertainment, and product demonstrations. Web browser ads are also created with Adobe Shockwave Player 11.5 The program is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows XP SP 2. This new version includes fixes for bugs of the earlier version. Other inclusions are a Yahoo Companion Toolbar for IE users, and updated Flash Asset Xtra for Flash 8 SWF files.