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Quick Heal AntiVirus Software Download 2015

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Date added: 13/01/2015
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Download Quick Heal AntiVirus 2015 hassle-free virus protection software for anti virus, Trojans, worms, spy wares and other malicious threats, with its latest DNA Scan technology.

What is Quick Heal AntiVirus Software?

Quick Heal AntiVirus Download

QuickHeal Antivirus 2015 is one of the best shields against viruses, Trojans and any form of malware threats to your PCs. It has a very user friendly interface with ease of manoeuvrings while giving a completely dependable protection against even new and unknown viruses.It comes with the noted Quick Heal DNA Scan technology that can effectively block malicious websites. QuickHeal Antivirus 2015 is a powerful tool which uses very less space and power resource thus giving you better quality protection in a speedy environment. Quick Heal 2015 antivirus is the best anti virus software which is better than other antivirus software because it is faster, lighter and smarter and is  a very intuitive and simple user interface which offers the users hassle free protection.

Quick Heal AntiVirus Key Features:

DNAScan technology: Quickheal antivirus which is a PC security software and acts like a guard against worms, viruses, Trojans and other potential threats. It provides better security against unknown and new viruses with its unique DNAScan technology and safeguards the PC against malicious websites. Quick Heal Antivirus has low resources but provides enhanced usage without slowing down your machine.

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Antivirus guard: Quick heal antivirus guard provides maximum protection by scanning the system and removing the threats like worms, Trojans, etc which can get into system through Internet downloads, mail attachments and removable drives.

AntiSpyware protection: Quick heal  includes AntiSpyware protection which prevents the installation of spywares unknowingly which stores all the important details like bank account details, credit card details, usernames and passwords. This antivirus security protects the users privacy by preventing spyware installations.

Anti Malware: Quick Heal comes with Anti Malware which is an advanced scanning feature specially for malwares such as registry and other hidden malicious folders and files and safely cleans the systems for Adwares, Dialers, Spywares, etc. The Anti Rootkit tool detects and clears the system from rootkits  by scanning the PC thoroughly.

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