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Local Keylogger

Date added: 18/10/2014
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Download Local Keylogger: It is not only a simple keystroke recorder but it is an actual spy keylogger which enables the user to keep a track of all the computer area in use

The Local Keylogger has advanced logging and surveillance features such as getting information on every single window that were interacted or viewed through the window activity logging, tracking applications used through application activity logging, list of all folders and files viewed in the Windows Explorer, lists all the keystrokes that were pressed, tracks and lists all the URL’s that were visited through Netscape, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers and captures automatically the screenshots of your desktop to inform you about the activities on your computer when you were not around. The Local Keylogger is an essential computer keylogger which is a free key looger that is essential for home users as well as IT professionals. In addition to these features the Local Keylogger has other features too such as the stealth mode which makes this computer keylogger software hide from Windows OS, Windows startup configuration allows the user to set it up for single user or for multiple users, can be customized by setting up the hot keys, the Local Keylogger is an application software which is protected by password which restricts other users to start/stop monitoring process, the Local Keylogger also has spyware detection and removal features.

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